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So, What Are You Dealing With?

Bring your idea
to life

Having a great idea and even a great prototype is not enough.

Today products need to meet the highest standards, and for that, you need marketing, engineering, operations, sales and logistics working together to bring your idea to life.

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Having problems with manufacturing

Instead of focusing on product development, do you deal with manufacturing and quality issues?

Non-efficient operations and low-quality issues can absorb time and defocus.

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Need to increase assembly capacity

The key to increasing capacity is to manage bottlenecks and downtime.

Four key factors determine assembly capacity: bottleneck production rate, product design (DFA), tools and skill.

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Looking for an off-shelf tech

Don't spend too much time on non-core technology. There are great off-shelf solutions

As products become more complicated and quality demands rise. Integrating off-shelf technology can be a quick, high-quality way to shorten your project timetable.

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How Can We Help


COO as a service

A small organisation that is technology-driven need to deliver high-quality products. Service, manufacturing, supply chain, installation, etc., need to be considered early in the product design. Early on, COO as part of your team can help you avoid problems right around the corner.

Team Building

The people with you on the team will create success. Processes and knowledge are as important as culture. Assessing capabilities and training require the proper knowledge



New Product Introduction

Creating a successful product connects customers’ needs with the right product.

Designing and developing to meet product requirements, minimize risks, and validate product performance is key to success. We will join you on the journey and manage the process to transfer your idea to a market-ready product.

Subsystem Sourcing

Sourcing a ready-to-use, off-shelf module is a quick way to stay focused on your core tech, getting to high quality and shortening development time, but it can be a dangerous road that requires lots of experience.



How Does it Work?

Hearing You

Hearing you, understanding your challenges and goals are the starting point for a great execution

Learning Your Field

Interviewing your people, reviewing documents and technical data provides us with the knowledge to build the right thing.

Gap Analysis

Armed with the knowledge we look into the gaps between where your current state and where you want to be.

Constructing a Plan

A few hours meeting to review our insights from the learning phase and deciding on our next steps


This phase takes its time, between 6 months to 2 years. After a few weeks, you will see the change but the real benefits arrive after several months

Fade Out & Consult

We are not here to stay, we are here to build amazing products and companies.


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System Analysis



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Knowledge is power. Review our recommendations and start empowering yourself 

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Some examples, completely real, of which pits start-ups which developing hardware products are falling into...
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Books and Audiobooks that will make your ops smart and efficient
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